Mixing Timbers

A few of my friends have asked me, “how do I make a room work when mixing different kinds of timbers?”. It’s easier than you think, if you know some tricks. Over the years I have heard many comments from various people about not mixing different timbers, but let’s face it, most of us buy things as we can afford them or as they take our fancy. I don’t know many people who walk into a store and buy their whole house from one range of furniture so it all matches. And…. {dare I say it?}… to be honest I feel this has the potential to leave your home a little soulless.

I am a big fan of using natural materials, they make our homes feel lived in and less sterile. Timber will add warmth into a space, and using other elements like leather, soft material and natural finishes like stone can help create a separation between different timbers.  Below a bold rug creates a harmonious separation between the table and the floor.

Timber Tones 1

Pick timbers that have the same undertone.  Are they warm or cool?  If you stick to this, you will be able to match different finishes and timbers that compliment each other.  Use a different variety of timbers here to add interest and texture.

Using timber in interior design

A very easy design rule to follow, which adds harmony and balance to a room is the rule of thirds.  Pick three main colours, 60% Main Colour, 30% Second colour and then 10% splash of a third colour.  This can be very handy if you want to mix timbers as well. The below image, uses the dark timber as the main tone on the floor, mid toned timber as furniture and then neatly ties it together with a light timber frame on the wall.

Timber Natural Order

Pick a main solid colour to bring together your different timber pieces.  In the below image, black has been used to draw your focus.  The timber compliments and softens the room and you don’t notice that different timbers have been used throughout. Essentially the timber has been used as textural layers. Soft finishes like the rug and linen couches further help to create separation between the different timber elements and balance the room.
Timber Tones Colour

Use an item to unite different tones. Below your eye is drawn to the two white lights, which lead you back to the feature timber wall.  They have used a multi toned timber which unites the variety of timbers used throughout the space.  As you look around you can see they have used a light timber table, dark timber on the sofa and the mid timber cabinets in the kitchen, which all work perfectly in this space.

Timber Texture

Be brave and have a go, try moving things around a bit, use accessories, cushions and rugs, play around!  Sometimes that will be all it takes to make a room work. Images via {Pinterest}