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I would like to let you in on a dirty little secret of mine…. I am totally obsessing over dusty blush pink, and have been for some time.  For a while now, I have been planning what our spare bedroom will look like when… well lets say…. when it doesn’t look like this (yes we live in half renovated house… sigh).

I know in my head what our home will one day look like, but for now it is what it is.  We are doing it up in baby steps as budget and time allow.  When we moved in, we had scary carpet, I know this because I ripped it up, what was underneath is the stuff of nightmares!  You can just make out the remnants underneath the wardrobe… it’s the only storage we have in the house at the moment, so unfortunately that bit has to stay.

Blush Interior Palette



When this room makes it onto the list, the colour palette will be inspired by nature.  This is the theme for my whole home, or should I say will be when its finished.  I am a big fan of colour and intend to use it well throughout the house.

I feel when you look at nature and how colours combine you can be truly inspired, there is a softness to the depth of colour and this makes for beautiful combinations.  The soft pinks and greens pulled from these gorgeous snippets, in my opinion will make for a dreamy spare bedroom.

I have put together some gorgeous images of blush interiors and furniture, which I will take for inspiration for this room.  How do you feel about pink?


Blush Interiors

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