Light Bulb Moment

Window Seat

I live and breath houses, I am sure it drives most people that know me nuts {sorry folks}.  Most of all my husband.  Since we bought our current home, we (I) have been making plans for how to make it fit into our lives.  You see we bought it as an investment, then moved into it and fell in love with the area we live in.  We have flipped flopped between lifting or extending, to gain our most sort after 2nd living space.  Extending winning out due to budget.  But this option was always going to be full of compromises.

That was until a house I have been walking past for a few years went on the market.  My husband and I walked in and knew immediately we wanted it.  We got Estate agents in to value ours and talked about putting it on the market, so we could buy the house with the perfect entertainers deck.  Unfortunately things just weren’t stacking up.  Our house is half renovated and where we have put the money so far, doesn’t really have value until the whole house is finished.  Major Bummer….

The poor agent got ear bashed with all the possible solutions of how we might swing it to make the gap smaller and get our current house sold.  {Sorry Mr Agent Guy}.  After he left, we had one of those chats.  You know the ones, what do we want from life.  It was deep.  Anyway we finally decided that we both LOVED the space of the other house, but want to do it our way.  For us its worth it.  We are lifting.  You can get out the pompoms now, I certainly saw myself running happy laps around the house, don’t worry I didn’t, the neighbours probably already think I am crazy!

This means doing nothing on our house for 2 years or so while we save.  I see this as 2 years to design our perfect home and start hunting for bargains, {watch out Greys Online}.  Its given us direction and put us both on the same page.   For now I will give you a little insight, the above image is my inspiration, and the rest of the house will unfold around this black window seat.  Crazy I know, but it gives me focus and makes me feel really positive about our decision.  I am going to put up my inspiration wall, I will share my progress with you as we go!

Check out the rest of the amazing home of the window seat.  Image Source {Australian Interior Design Awards}