Inspiration Board

If you are thinking of starting a design project, no matter the scale {it could be decorating a single room or a full scale renovation/build}, I would highly recommend creating an inspiration board for all your ideas.  One of the easiest ways {which I am sure many of you already use}, is to create a Pinterest board.  I like to start there, I pin all sorts of images, elements of each inspiring me.  My House Lift Board is a good example of this.  But it tends to get a little crazy….

I like to sit back {preferably with a glass of wine} and look over all the images and start to fine~tune my ideas.  I find there is usually a common theme to what I have pinned, and that some things just don’t fit into the overall look and feel anymore.  In this way Pinterest is a really good tool help you get a clearer sense of what you are after.  From here I like to create a mood board of my favourites.  I use Adobe Illustrator to put mine together or simply print / cut out pictures and pin them to a real life pinboard, you can grab one cheaply from Kmart. I like any excuse to head into Kmart these days!.  Check Pinterest out for some DIY Inspiration board projects.  There are great ideas like pegboards, covering ply in foam and linen… failing that bluetac and a blank wall!

Master Bedroom 1

The above digital inspiration board is for our planned master bedroom & en-suite.  As you can see its not about exact products or end finishes, that will come later.  It mostly helps me bring together my thoughts and ideas.  I believe that mood boards not only help you plan and refine your ideas, but they play a large part in keeping you inspired and motivated.

When your project gets closer to happening its a good idea to start putting together a physical inspiration board {if you didn’t in the first place}.  Collect images of furniture, fabric samples, paint chips and hard finishes etc.  When you put them together you will get a much better sense of what goes together nicely.  Otherwise you might end up with a paint colour that clashes with your carpet etc.  No one wants that! Much easier to work it out before you have spent the hours and $$$.

Kikki-K have a great little board that is perfect!