Fun Finds

I have been researching for a project I am currently working on and I always like to add in some bargains!  I will share some of my favourite finds this week

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No surprises to those who know me,  but one of the first places I look is my beloved IKEA!  I am totally crushing on their new summer collection, the question is how not to buy more stuff for myself!  {I am getting to that stage of when is too much IKEA to much!!!!}

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Okay enough you say!  You get it they have some seriously amazing finds if your willing to look.  The below cabinet most def has my name on it.  I have been dreaming of finding something like this in a charity shop… but here it is, and its its coming to IKEA in April!

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Another place for little treasures is Kmart.  The other day I was grabbing you know.., “just one thing” and I ended up with a “few” things in my trolley.  This lovely lady stopped me and said “you have such a great eye, you got all these gorgeous things from here?”.  Well stranger you made my day!  And yes indeed I did.  So thank you!  And thanks Kmart for being awesome.

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What are your favourite bargain finds?  Are you an op shopper or a kmart lovely…. or maybe both?