Home Organisation

I have a little motto in our home, if everything has a place, tidiness is easy!  

When we packed up our forever home and moved from the gorgeous mountain ranges of New Zealand to Australia, we realised just how much “stuff” we had.  We even added a drop down ladder so we could add things into our roof cavity, you know for stuff we might need someday… turns out we didn’t “need” any of it. 

We pretty much opened the house up and sold everything we had, limiting ourselves to a few boxes of our favourite things.  It really changed the way we lived and now we have a good cupboard clean out every 6 months. 

For our little guy that means passing on toys he no longer wants, sometimes there is a lot that heads out, other times nothing much, but it keeps us honest.  Don’t worry that kid is a little hoarder and collector, so there are plenty of things that stay and we are not ruthless.  But it does make you assess in the words of Marie Kondo “that which sparks joy”. 

The easiest way is to pull everything out and then put it back again, I know, sounds ridiculous but it really does make the job easier. I find the best way to keep our cupboards in order is to group things in order of similarity, which I do before I pop it all back. 

For example in our pantry we have a “Party” basket, it has all those things like fancy serviettes, bottles of bubbles (not the drinking kind), any cute things we have collected for party bags, candles etc.  We have baskets with storage containers… ok you are right we have a few.  One for small containers, one for water bottles and then I neatly stack all our gorgeous larger glass containers. 

In our linen closet, I have pretty much 2 changes for each bed (one on the bed, and one in the linen closet) and have them neatly folded as a package deal into a collapsible basket, this was the best change I ever made to our linen closet and I haven’t looked back.  You really don’t need all those extra pillowcases etc.  It’s always the small things that cause the most trouble, so I use baskets for rolled hand towels and face cloths, this keeps everything neatly together, even when you have a husband / kid raiding in a rush.  

The other common place for hidden messes are our drawers.  Ikea have great little baskets that sit in your drawers so you can easily sort socks from undies.  Or for bathroom and junk drawers, clear organisers work really well sorting things into more manageable messes!  All in all making things easier to find and giving everything a home. 

Anyway enough rambling, I hope you like these little finds that look great and help keep me tidier! 

PS… I am guilty of taking my jewellery and hair ties off all over the house, drives my husband nuts, so in the spirit of peacekeeping, I have a small jewellery dish / box, that looks awesome in most rooms… it adds some style and keeps me tidy!  What is your messy habit?