exult  //  verb ~ to feel or show great happiness

Exult was born when I decided to take a giant leap of faith and set out on my own journey to follow my dreams!  Ever since I can remember, I have loved houses.  I had this book as a kid, “Need a House? call ms mouse”.  I remember spending hours looking at it, daydreaming and drawing up my own houses inspired by the images.  My family moved around a bit when I was young, {we even spent some time living in a painted bus like nomad hippies! see photo above}, I don’t remember ever living anywhere for that long, maybe this has something to do with my obsession with houses, maybe I was just born that way!  My mum tells me my first word was pretties, and I do love great design.

For as long as I can remember, I have been “styling” rooms.  Even in my traveling days, {gee that feels like an eternity ago} I remember painting rooms and styling share houses I lived in.  In about year 11 the school guidance officer asked me the age old question… “what do you want to do when you leave school”.  I thought of all the respectable professions… lawyer, accountant and so on.  She told me I should think about Interior Design. Do you know I actually laughed, how ridiculous, be an Interior Designer, what kind of a job is that.  As it turns out, its my dream job, who would have thought?

Design is more than the way something looks, good design should improve your life.  Interior design to me, is creating spaces that make us feel great happiness.  I guess you could say this is where the name came from…. OR… maybe when I was completely stuck for ideas my kid brother (who is pretty awesome) threw a heap of names at me and it just made perfect sense!

Starting out working for yourself is a daunting prospect and I have been talking myself out of this idea for a very long time.  I guess it’s self doubt.  The fear of the unknown.  Then I thought, what have I got to lose?  I am a mum to a very cool 7 year old and I want to be a great role model for him.  Show him that its not silly to follow your dreams and take a risk.  I am lucky I have the support of a husband who has been encouraging me to give it a go. Although, its entirely possible that he is just sick of listening to me “ramble” on about floors, kitchens, extending the house and all that kind of stuff.  {wink wink I am onto you Mr}

I have this vision of creating a space {blog} where I can share the jumble of design inspiration / ideas that float in my head all day long.  My friends (bless their cotton socks) are always asking me what might look good with this, how do I achieve that etc.  So why not share it with everyone.  So I am. I really hope you like it!

Love Kate Evans! xo
Kate Sig