A little bit of paradise

There are so many things that inspire me on a daily basis, Love & Ginger is one of them, and I just have to share it with you. I can’t quite remember when I stumbled across the Love & Ginger Blog but it was an age ago, {I think a friend (Lou?) told me and I was hooked}. These crazy cats had bought some amazing land, in slice of heaven called New Zealand. And guess what…. set out to build it on their weekends, with a little help from family. Needless to say I was impressed, and have been keeping up with their progress ever since!

Katrina writes a blog as well as posting fabulous photos on instagram! Her posts are witty and you feel like you know her straight away. She has been lovely enough to let me share some photos with you, you can thank her later! I am pretty sure you will have seen some photos from their house already floating around on Pinterest, but do yourself a favour and follow her Instagram feed.

Since Katrina and husband Guy first broke ground and started their amazing build, I have watched on in awe. Pretty sure if my husband and I set out building a house together, one of us would be lying under the foundations, if you know what I mean? The house is the best kind of mix of new and old. Shiny new house, with soul, and the coolest vintage finds to make it a home. I know a few of you that will want to move in.

Rather than read me rabbit on, you can see for yourself!

Love and Ginger

Images via Love & Ginger Home