Beachside, Byron Bay NSW

Brief – Our clients engaged us to refresh some of the tired bedrooms, ensuring they did justice to the surrounding landscape… it’s spectacularly beautiful and gave us some tough shoes to fill.  The project progressed and soon we were working on the rest.  The property is a luxe holiday home which means there are only a few months of the year where we can get in and do the work, therefore it’s an ongoing project and one of our fav’s… it’s hard to find a view this magical!  

We wanted to create a relaxed vibe, that suits the amazing clients and their personalities. It needed to feel like a holiday home, one what was a little bit imperfect while being perfectly stunning.  We focussed on materials that are handmade and have a slight ethnic vibe, whether it be indigenous Australian or African. 

Bayside Holiday Home, Manly QLD

Brief – To furnish and style a contemporary Bayside Holiday home.  The clients wanted a minimal aesthetic with a slight Japanese Influence.  We picked colours from the Bayside views and brought them gently throughout the home.  Natural Timbers to add warmth to each room.  We chose natural fabrics, and particularly loved the handprinted textiles used on the bedheads, they reminded us of Kimonos. 

We lovingly chose every detail right down to the cutlery so all our clients had to do, was walk through the door and enjoy!

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