Lets break it down

Kitchen Design

We often refer to the kitchen as the “heart of the home”.  It’s usually the most hardworking space in our homes and one of the most expensive areas to fit out.  

We spend time with you getting to know how you use your kitchen, is it the hub or your home or are you more the make a morning coffee and order Uber Eats kind?  We want to make sure this guy has plenty of useful storage, the right appliances and generally fit for purpose.  

Oh did we forget to mention, just plain gorgeous as well?

bathroom Design

Getting the details right in a bathroom is just as important as the kitchen.  Its a hardworking space and needs to stand up to the test of time and frequent use!  We look at everything from the layout, storage solutions, to fixtures and finishes { Tapwear, Vanity, Bath, Tiles, Lighting etc }.

We make sure that you have all the information ready to go including drawings, specification and finishes schedules to get your project started.  

Creating a showstopping bathroom is our jam!

Room Design + Decoration

What room?  You tell us!  Living Room, no dramas, we’ve got you.  Master Retreat, Kids Room, Office, Outdoor Living, of course.  We are happy to work on any space you require!

We always start with how you want the space to feel, whats working and whats not, we look at that whole bag of needs and wants so we can come up with a design that is perfect for you. 

Elements of room design usually include, furniture, rugs, artwork, decorative pieces,  window treatments, and you get it… all those bits that add up to the end magic!


This can be such a time consuming activity, hands up who has spent 1000 hours looking for the right thing… { you know, like a dress for that special occasion, gift for your wife, dinner, a show to watch on Netflix … the perfect sofa??? Full disclosure we prob cant help with those first couple,  just the Furniture  }

Any Interior Designer will tell you they spend most of their free time looking at the latest products, going to product launches etc etc.  We know suppliers you haven’t even heard of!  This usually means we can find the right product in very little time.  

Finishes & Fixtures

Selecting finishes & fixtures can be the hardest part of any project.   It can be quite overwhelming with so many choices on the market, not knowing how to bring all the different elements together or where you should spend money or save.  { What flooring works with what wall colour etc }.  

The key is to have all these selections made prior to your project kicking off, this saves time and much frustration in the long run.  We love putting all these details together, what can we say it floats our boat! 

Interior Styling

Styling creates that final layer, bringing balance & harmony to all your furniture and finishes… its… let’s say the icing on the cake.  

We often start by looking through the items you have and love, and see what story emerges. We will work together to come up with the overall look and work out what is “missing”.   

We can go shopping together to find these treasured items, or it can be surprise you for when you walk in!  We find most clients love the surprise!

let's get to know each other

It’s a big leap of faith to trust someone else to design a space for you.  Our homes are our personal sanctuary, and give us a place to escape from the world.  A space to share with our friends and families. Your home should be personal to you, and our role is to help you bring together what you love and make a space you feel truly happy in.

First things first… how do we kick this process off?

We start all our projects with an Initial Consultation, where we sit down and get to know each other.  I know it sounds scary, kind of like a first date, but we are sure it will lead to great things!   We chat about the project, for example what your desires are, what problems need to be overcome and general ideas going forward.  We achieve a lot in this time.  We will also talk over how a typical project with Exult Design flows, and what level of service you require.  

After our meeting we will send you a follow up report on what we have discussed, including the project brief, our contracts and further information on how we roll. 

Prior to our first meeting we call you for a quick chat, usually allow 15 – 30mins to ask a few questions about your project.  This gives us an indication of the brief and scope of works, which we will refine in our first meeting.  

We charge a flat fee for the Initial Consultation of $375 + GST, which covers up to 90 minutes onsite and a follow up report.  

PS… All you need is a little advice?  We can use this time to discuss any design issues you have (sometimes that is all that is needed!

Design Process

initial consultation
Let’s get to know each other! It’s like a first date, scary but hopefully leads to great things!   

Establish Project Brief, Scope of Works and review Contract.

Site analysis, which includes taking photos and basic measurements of required spaces.

We will submit a report detailing everything discussed at this meeting, including a Brief / Scope of Project and basic floorplans.

Stage 2
Brief Refinement
Upon receiving signed contract, we review and make any changes required to the Brief / Scope of the Project.
Stage 2
Stage 3
Design Phase
Upon receiving signed Project Brief, we enter the Design Phase, this is where the magic happens, we consider all your dreams for the project and create the concept. 

We meet any Trades required on site for “Trade Day”, allowing them to measure up and start preparing quotes.

We spend time researching / collating to create the design and gather all the costs associated with the Project Brief (Excluding Exult Design Fees).
Stage 3
Stage 4
Design presentation
We present the Project Concept and Budget, always fun! 

Included in this are Drawings + Works Documents, Specification Schedules, Painting Schedules, Finishes Schedules, 3D Visualisations, Concept Boards and Project Budget, depending on Project Brief and Scope of Works.
Stage 4
Stage 5
design Refinement
We tweak where needed to get everything just right. Once you are happy with the designs, you are required to sign Design Approval ready for the next Stage.
Stage 5
Stage 6
Product Ordering
You will receive an invoice for the cost of all items previously agreed on in the Design Approval, once payment has been received we will arrange for all products to be ordered.

Deliveries will be scheduled for the agreed Installation date.
Stage 6
Stage 7
Any trades works required will be undertaken at this stage, we move onto stage 8 once completed.

If required, Designer will liaise with trades on behalf of the client, and perform site visits as requested by the client.
Stage 7
Stage 8
This is the Big Reveal. Where possible we ask clients to leave the property to us until we have completely finished, this usually takes between 1-3 days (we will let you know in the Design Approval). It’s organised chaos, and leaves all onsite completely exhausted. We find clients much prefer to be off somewhere enjoying a break, and love that feeling of walking in and seeing everything in place.

We truly believe that the final piece to the puzzle is styling. Without it even the best project can feel unfinished.
Stage 8
Stage 9
Walk through and identify any items that are defective or not completed. Liaise with appropriate trades / suppliers to rectify and advise timeframes until completed.

We usually do this on the day of reveal.
Stage 9
Stage 10
We will present Project Completion paperwork for you to sign and handover a binder with supporting documents for the project (Warranties / Samples etc). Any outstanding invoices are required to be paid prior to this handoff.
Stage 10

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