Its a big leap of faith to trust someone else to design a space for you.  Our homes are our personal sanctuary, and give us a place to escape from the world.  A space to share with our friends and families. Your home should be personal to you.  A designer / stylist’s job is not to inflict some cookie cutter style on you, but to help you bring together what you love and make a space you feel truly happy in.

That’s what I offer, to work with you, respect your ideas, love your style just as much as you do and help you create your own perfect space!

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I offer all kinds of services, like helping to style a room.  We look at furniture you already have, discuss what you want to achieve.  We can choose things like wallpaper, paint colours, fabrics together.  These styling boards are how we bring together all the elements, prior to the room being installed.  I can do as little or as much as you need.

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Kids Spaces

I Love kids rooms!  You get to have fun with playful design elements and working with little people rocks!  I can help with their bedrooms, a play space or even styling a cubby!
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Just a little help?

Just need help choosing the right paint colours?  Or the right tiles or all you need is to sit down and discuss your ideas and make sure your on the right track.  I am happy to sit down and have a coffee and a chat!


The full She-bang!

From concept to installation.  This would include services like, creating floorplans and 3D drawings.  Shopping for products, managing trades anything required to get your home looking fabulous.

Please get in touch to discuss your project {big or small}!

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