Vibrant Kids Rooms

An alpine delight

I love that designing a space for kidlets allows you to get back to your inner child. Their sense of fun, vibrancy in life can be brought through the room in such cool ways. Think fairytales, books, movies and so much more. On that note, I am not really one for a kids room that you walk into and it looks like its come straight of a target shelf with Disney Cars merchandise splashed from one end to the other (you know what I mean right?). Its not that I don’t think you can work it in, I just think you can break free and create a truly inspiring space.

This post is really about how wallpaper can add something extra special to the vibe of a kids room. Wallpaper… stop right there, doesn’t everyone loath wallpaper, you have to rip it off one day right? How painful. I think its worth it. For very little investment you can transform a bland room into something magical. It can make the most standard IKEA cot pop, which means not having to spend big $$$ on everything in the room.  It also means you get away with having a lot less in the room in the way of furniture and decorative items, but you still get the big impact.  This is great for those of use who hate dusting!

I have been trawling the net for some truly inspiring images to brighten your day!


Wallpaper Bold

Wallpaper Bold 2



Photo Credits images via ~ Mountains, Cactus, Floral 1 {unknown}, Floral 2, Triangles, forest, Planes, Elephants, Handrawn {unknown}.  Thank you for your inspiring images!