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We love to create Interiors that make our clients take a deep sigh and relax into their homes when they walk through the door, brushing off that hectic feeling of the world outside.

Our inspiration usually comes from our gorgeous Australian Landscape, using handprinted fabrics, natural materials and finishes to create beautiful interiors, that are bold yet uncomplicated.  Simple yet elegant.  We believe this connection between the inside and out is what creates a balanced Interior and gives us that relaxed feeling.

I guess you could describe our style as “Australian Contemporary”, but we don’t really like to roll with these titles, and rather get to the heart of what you love and create an Interior which is unique like you!

let's get to know each other

It’s a big leap of faith to trust someone else to design a space for you.  Our homes are our personal sanctuary, and give us a place to escape from the world.  A space to share with our friends and families. Your home should be personal to you, and our role is to help you bring together what you love and make a space you feel truly happy in.

First things first… how do we kick this process off?

We start all our projects with an Initial Consultation, where we sit down and get to know each other.  I know it sounds scary, kind of like a first date, but we are sure it will lead to great things!   We chat about the project, for example what your desires are, what problems need to be overcome and general ideas going forward.  

What we offer


Includes Interior space planning, custom cabinetry and furniture design, selecting fixtures { Electrical, Plumbing }, finishes and materials. Drawing packages and 3D renderings for space visualisation.

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Includes selecting furniture, fabrics, rugs, artwork, lights and interior accessories. Creating a cohesive colour palette, with paint and material selections. Designing custom window treatments.

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We have found that this is an often missed step, but one that makes a huge difference to enjoying our homes. We look at Kitchen organisation, wardrobes etc. Everything having a place makes life much easier!

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Design Process

initial consultation
Let’s get to know each other! It’s like a first date, scary but hopefully leads to great things!   

Establish Project Brief, Scope of Works and review Contract.

Site analysis, which includes taking photos and measurements of required spaces.

We will submit a report detailing everything discussed at this meeting, including a Brief / Scope of Project and basic floorplans.

Stage 2
Brief Refinement
Upon receiving signed contract, we review and make any changes required to the Brief / Scope of the Project.
Stage 2
Stage 3
Design Phase
Upon receiving signed Project Brief, we enter the Design Phase, this is where the magic happens, we consider all your dreams for the project and create the concept. 

We meet any Trades required on site for “Trade Day”, allowing them to measure up and start preparing quotes.

We spend time researching / collating to create the design and gather all the costs associated with the Project Brief (Excluding Exult Design Fees).
Stage 3
Stage 4
Design presentation
We present the Project Concept and Budget, always fun! 

Included in this are Drawings + Works Documents, Specification Schedules, Painting Schedules, Finishes Schedules, 3D Visualisations, Concept Boards and Project Budget, depending on Project Brief and Scope of Works.
Stage 4
Stage 5
design Refinement
We tweak where needed to get everything just right. Once you are happy with the designs, you are required to sign Design Approval ready for the next Stage.
Stage 5

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$10,000 to $50,000$50,000 to $100,000$100,000 to $250,000$250,000 +